Consulting on real estate rights

We have over 50 years of experience and knowledge
  • Preparation, presentation and obtaining of the permit before the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).
  • Preparation, presentation and obtaining of the Environmental Impact Statement permit (MIA).
  • Application and obtaining of the archaeological prospecting permit before the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).
  • Preparation, presentation and obtaining of the social impact permit before the Secretary of Energy (SE).
  • Preparation, presentation and release of the justifying technical study (ETJ), to obtain the permit to change land use in forest land.
  • Application, processing and obtaining permits for special crossings before the different dependencies (CNA, CFE, FFCC, INHA, MUNICIPAL, etc.).
  • Axis definition for linear projects.
  • Shaft leveling to obtain topographic profiles.
  • Survey of cross sections.
  • Downloading and processing of GPS points.
  • Topographic survey for special crossings.
  • Generation of plans (kilometers, alignment sheets, special crossings, structural, topographic maps with information regarding the project, etc.).

Execution of the actions corresponding to the release of the right of way for the project, as well as the execution of the corresponding actions to obtain all the necessary permits for the correct execution of said project.

  • Investigation and generation of the property affectation census.
  • Obtaining permission of right of way.
  • Certification and accreditation of the property.
  • Certification of assets other than land.
  • Topographic survey for special crossings.
  • Negotiation of compensation amounts.
  • Signing of agreements before a notary.
  • Celebration of simple assemblies and special formalities.
  • Judicial Validations of the contracts entered into between the parties.
  • Generation of Data Room according to the census of owners.
  • Consulting on instrumentation for real estate rights programs.
  • Supervision during the construction of the rights of way acquired.
  • Maintenance of rights of way during the operation of the transportation system.
  • Regularization of rights of way.