We make social responsibility life

We firmly believe that social responsibility is a way of life
Quality of life for our employees

The well-being and sense of belonging of our collaborators is the most important thing for us and we work every day to generate actions for their benefit.

  • “Becarse” and “Semillero de talentos” programs
  • Additional benefits program
  • Benefits program
  • “Súmale a tu salud” program
  • Preventive health campaigns
Care and preservation of the environment

We have an environmental management system certified in the ISO NMX-SAA-14001-IMNC-2015, ISO 14001: 2015 for Environmental Management Systems, which is focused on mitigating and preventing the impacts that our operations have, as well as generating awareness in our stakeholders about environmental conservation and pollution prevention.

  • Environmental awareness program
  • Special handling and hazardous waste program
  • Environmental campaigns
Active involvement with the community

Every day we work to generate actions that add to the development and well-being of our community, developing programs, campaigns and initiatives that provide attention to their needs.

  • “Abrigando un Corazón” program
  • “Carrera Anual” program
  • “Pequeñas Acciones en pro de un Cambio” campaign
  • “Un Verano con Propósito” campaign
Business ethics

Through our business ethics guidelines, we guarantee the legality and transparency of our organization, we promote fair operating practices, and we disapprove of any corrupt practice.

We establish alliances with the social sector to provide attention to the most vulnerable sectors of our community.

Cruz Rosa Guadalajara A.B.P.

Its objective is to mainly support low-income women diagnosed with cancer and their families in a specialized shelter where they are offered accommodation, food, psychological and spiritual care, in addition, it offers recreational activities, so that they can face their situation in a positive and with a life expectancy.

Special Olympics México A.C.

It is the largest sports movement in the world for people with intellectual disabilities, its purpose is to create an inclusive world for all, driven with the power of its programs, through which people with intellectual disabilities lead active, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas de la Calle I.A.P.

It is a non-profit institution that aims to provide a home for girls and young people who are living in scenarios that put their development at risk or at risk of the streets.

Bienestar e Integración Familiar I.A.P (BIFAM)

It is a Private Assistance Institution, which has the objective of training in values, capacities and abilities; through the family help center and children’s dining room, favoring the integral development of Mexican families.