Success stories

Clear Filters
New Hades
Interconnection to the El Encino-La Laguna System Compression Station
Interconnection CC Chihuahua II and CC Encino
Roadrunner Pipeline
La Laguna – Aguascalientes Pipeline
Villa de Reyes – Aguascalientes – Guadalajara Pipeline
El Encino – La Laguna Pipeline
Soto La Marina Compression Station
Tarahumara Pipeline
Tlaxcala-Puebla-Morelos Energy Corridor
Valladolid – Nizuc Pipeline
“Chavez” Natural Gas Compression Station Expansion
Jet A-1 Pipeline
Palmillas-Toluca Pipeline
Control tower in Toluca International Airport
Auxiliary services at Toluca International Airport
Waste water collection system
Castillito and Canteros Rainwater Drainage Network
Waste water treatment plant
Queretaro Artificial Insemination Center
Creation of Hospitals and Roads